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Perspective is a digital journal for research articles based on and relevant to research into Danish art. The articles will primarily address art found at Danish museums, and will present research on theory, method or museology based on the work of Danish museums.

Contributors to the journal are Danish and international researchers from art museums, universities and other expert forums, and the articles appeal to art museum colleagues and others with a strong interest in and knowledge about art.

The journal is intended to supplement the other channels of publication available within the field of art history and associated disciplines. All journal articles are peer reviewed and published in Danish and English.

The editors of Perspective are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the journal. The editorial staff consists of staff members from the SMK; the SMK also hosts and operates the website and ensures that all published material is preserved for posterity and remains accessible.


The journal exclusively publishes research articles. Other types of work, such as essays and exhibition reviews, do not fall within the focus of Perspective. Texts published in other contexts are accepted, provided that their contents are amended to constitute a research article that meets the journal’s criteria for publication.

Articles will be published on an ongoing basis. All articles must meet the general requirements applying to academic research and must be presented in clear, easily readable prose. The editors reserve the right to edit all submissions.

Unless explicitly stated, all content in Perspective is published on the terms described in the Creative Commons Licence CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0. This means, among other things, that the articles can be freely copied, shared and distributed in any format as long as the source is credited. However, the articles may not be used for commercial purposes, and no modified, sampled or remixed versions of the texts may be distributed.


The editors encourage all contributors to use, insofar as this is possible, images that have Creative Commons licences, alternatively to select material that is made freely available for their article by e.g. the relevant photographer or other rights holder.

The author must secure all rights to images/photographs and must defray any costs associated herewith, including new photographs. As regards artist copyright, the journal will obtain permission to depict art that is subject to copyright and pay any costs associated with such permission. Photographs of works from the SMK collections are made available for free to all contributors. 

Peer review

Articles in Perspective are accepted for publication by the editors and one or more peer reviewers. Perspective uses the definition of peer review laid down by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (Forsknings- og Innovationsstyrelsen) as one of the selection criteria required for journals and publishers in order to be featured in the so-called Authority Lists, i.e. the lists of publications that qualify for points under the Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator model (BFI). The criteria are listed in a document available here (in Danish).

For peer review the following applies:

The peer review always precedes publication and is part of the overall publishing process.

All manuscripts submitted must be assessed by at least one reviewer who holds expert knowledge within the field and does not work directly for the publisher.

The reviewer must be well versed in research, with PhD-level research experience or higher. Reviewers may be Danish or from abroad, and need not be affiliated with a specific type of institution; all profiles are welcome.

The reviewer will prepare a written evaluation of the manuscript’s scientific and academic merit, including any suggestions for changes and improvements. This evaluation will be presented to the author via the editors.

Editorial staff


Director of Collections and Research Peter Nørgaard Larsen


Research coordinator Miriam Have Watts

Editorial committee

Perspective's editorial committee gives advice to the editorial staff and assists with editorial matters.

Committee members

Cecil Krarup Andersen, School of Conservation at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation (KADK), Copenhagen

David Burmeister, National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen

Karina Lykke Grand, School of Communications and Culture – Art History, Aarhus University

Mai Britt Guleng, Nasjonalmuseet, Oslo

Malene Vest Hansen, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies – Art History, University of Copenhagen

Gry Hedin, Faaborg Museum

Camilla Jalving, ARKEN Museum of Modern Art

Mette Houlberg Rung, Statens Museum for Kunst – SMK (National Gallery of Denmark)

Lene Bøgh Rønberg, KØS, Museum of art in public spaces

Jørgen Wadum, CATS, Centre for Art Technological Studies and Conservation / Statens Museum for Kunst

Jeff Werner, Department of Culture and Aesthetics, Art History, Stockholm University

Matthias Wivel, National Gallery, London

Dorthe Aagesen, Statens Museum for Kunst – SMK (National Gallery of Denmark)


Contact Perspective by emailing perspective@smk.dk


ISSN no. 2446-1806